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Meg here. I hail from the States. I blog mainly Sherlock and Doctor Who. However, this a personal so i post whatever I want. Be aware that once football season starts I will be posting a lot about my team, the Chicago Bears. Go Bears!
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and you know that in all their years of running, neither of them had ever run that fast.


and you know that in all their years of running, neither of them had ever run that fast.

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  • 1280 years in the future
  • historian: i will now teach you a classical dance which has been danced at the courts of kings and queens for centuries
  • historian: to the left
  • take it back now y'all
  • one hop this time
  • right foot let's stomp
  • left foot let's stomp
  • slide to the right
  • slide to the left
  • cha cha real smooth


im the kind of friend thats mean to you

but im actually joking

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People don’t relaize how much a show can impact you. This show, THIS SHOW, it empasizes the idea that everyone is important, everyone can be good, everyone can help. And that’s why I love it. Watching Doctor Who, you see normal people go with this insane man all over the universe, saving whole worlds. You also see when they fucking can’t. They try, even if it’s not possible, but it doesn’t happen and the Doctor learns to accept it. WE learn to accept it. We see genocide, we see heartbreak, and most of us feel it. We watch this man be changed by time, we watch him go from angry and loathing to loving, protective, and fun. It shows us that we can change. I’m proud to say I’m a fan, and I will always be proud to say I’m a Whovian. This show is more than a show. This show is what every person wishes the world was like.

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and I kissed her goodbye, said, “All beauty must die


do you have like these imaginary scenes in your head of you in situations that would never actually happen and whenever you’re bored or spacing out or just walking around you kind of just go back to them and imagine them over and over

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i’ll have a blue christmas without you
i’ll be so blue just thinking about you…

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